How we work

Neema Crafts Workshop acts as the UK fund-raising base to support the work carried out by Neema Crafts Tanzania. It is a separate legal entity and has its own UK board of trustees.

The Neema Crafts Centre, Tanzania, covers all of its running costs; wages, raw materials, rent, maintenance and other over-heads through sale of goods and services. We believe it is vital for Neema Crafts that we are as self-reliant as possible and that the businesses we run are effective and self-sustaining. Without this ethos our trainee’s will be less equipped for working outside of the centre and held in dependency on handouts. Instead, we focus on bringing high-quality, attractive goods to market in a professional manner.

Because of its nature, Neema Crafts is doing more for its participants and staff than the average business might. It provides:

  • Child sponsorship for education of family members
  • Bicycle and hand-trikes for every participant
  • Medical and accident and emergency cover
  • Physiotherapy and prosthesis maintenance
  • Audiological testing and personalised hearing aid
  • A chaplain for counselling and spiritual development
  • Loans for farming and home improvements
  • Business training and start-up grants for new enterprises
  • And recently, grants to purchase land and build homes.

Neema Crafts also has its very own therapy centre which offers physiotherapy, speech and language and occupational therapy to children with disabilities.

Many of these things are also part funded by revenue from our three business areas at Neema (Cafe, Guesthouse and Shop) however, there is still much opportunity for outside donors to be involved, particularly in areas such as:

  • The therapy centre
  • Child sponsorship
  • Business start-up grants
  • Housing grants

If you would like to make a donation to Neema Crafts for any of these areas, please see our Donate page. If you would like to know more about how your money might be used, you can read more on this website or email us at:

To see our page under the UK Charity Commission click here.


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