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Every donation made to Neema Crafts is gratefully received. You can be assured your donation will be carefully used to support the on-going work of Neema Crafts and the needy, disabled community in our region. 

Our Key Projects

More details about our projects

Brick by Brick

Many of our staff at Neema have to pay a large part of their income out as rent. Given that they often have wider family members reliant on their income too it is very difficult for them to put enough money aside to build their own home.

For this reason, Neema Crafts has set up its own Housing Committee to look for ways to help staff to buy land and build their own homes so that they can begin to establish more security for their futures. Brick by Brick aims to encourage personal saving by matching amounts saved by staff with an equal grant from this scheme. Access to larger loans will also be provided by this scheme.

Keep On Moving

Mobility is something able-bodied people take for granted, but if you are physically disabled in Tanzania having access to a mobility aid can mean the difference between being home-bound and being able to see friends, family and even run your own business. Many of our staff at Neema Crafts would not be able to get to work every day were it not for the hand-trikes, bikes and wheel chairs with which they are provided.

By donating towards this project you will be helping:

  • to buy wheelchairs, trikes and mobility aids for Neema Crafts Therapy
  • to buy bikes and trikes for new trainees at Neema Crafts
  • to maintain staff bikes and trikes at the centre.
  • to support our ongoing partnership with PET, MN Twin Cities through which Neema Crafts has already secured 88 PET hand carts (for children and adults) and 17 wheelchairs for people with disabilities across the Iringa Region.

Child Sponsorship

Neither primary or secondary education is completely free in Tanzania. Parents often don’t send their disabled child to school because they worry it will be a waste of their resources. This is why very few of our trainees or staff at Neema have studied beyond primary school.

This has an obvious impact on their employment opportunities later on in life. We would like to see this trend change within our community, which is why Neema Crafts is looking to help children with disabilities from the very poorest families to get an education. Our Neema Therapy department is already treating over 100 children with disabilities and so identifying candidates for school sponsorship is not difficult.

Business Builder

Neema Crafts gives hope to the thousands of people living with a disability in our region, unfortunately we cannot employ everyone who applies for work - we just don’t have enough space!

We aim to provide the resources for practical business training to help some people on our waiting list start their own enterprises.

Donations towards this project fund training at a local centre where they provide educational programmes on how to start a business. During the course, trainees carry out research and write up their own business plan. 


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