Who's Who

Meet the people who have brought Neema Crafts to reality, sustained it and helped to make it what it is today.

Our Team Leaders

Joseph & Hannah Adams

Joseph & Hannah joined the team at Neema Crafts in 2023. They both come from an engineering background in the UK and are using their skillsets to improve systems in operations and production.

They also have an interest in design and look forward to bringing new products into the shop in the coming years.

Ben & Katy Ray

Ben & Katy Ray previously directed Neema Crafts for over 12 years. With a passion for the carpentry and screen printing departments respectively, they developed many new designs between them. These continue to be some of our best sellers today.

Whilst in Iringa, they worked hard to make sure the organisation was financially self-supporting and used any profits to build houses for our staff. During Covid-19, when many businesses had to shut, they pioneered a shop in Dar es Salaam to sell our products. This helped us to continue paying our staff during this tricky period.

They now live in Arusha where they run See Ability First International, another organisation working with people with disabilities.

Susie Hart

Susie Hart MBE, the founder of Neema Crafts, was herself born with a disability. She had many operations throughout her childhood and spent much of her time in a wheel chair or in plaster casts to give her the mobility she enjoys today. 

When she came to Tanzania with her husband Andy, she recognised the need to provide training and employment for people with disabilities who would otherwise be street begging to earn a living. She developed initial product ideas and sought out markets before starting Neema Crafts in 2003 with three young deaf men.

Now in the UK, Susie has continued to support the work of Neema Crafts through fund-raising events and giving talks. In 2012 Susie was honoured for her extraordinary work with people with disabilities in Africa when she received an MBE.

Susie has now set up a new organization called Artizan International, which works with people with disabilities in the UK and across the world.


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