About the Centre

The centre opened in 2011, and is run by a partner organisation, Call Africa. They are an NGO working in the Iringa Region in order to help vulnerable people.

The centre is open 3 days a week for children with different disabilities. At the centre, children get a full meal every day, including breakfast and fruit snack. The aim of rehabilitation centre is to provide physiotherapy and cognitive rehabilitation. The physiotherapist and the occupational therapist make an assessment for each child so that the community workers can subsequently follow the individual programs. It is extremely important to support these children in their daily life. They help to provide information about personal hygiene activities, cognitive stimulation, monetary management, community life, etc.

The Service

The community workers are assisted by the two professionals each week who monitor the progress of each child. For the children who are able to attend school, they are supported in their education.
As well as children, the project also offers a service to families. It is very important to monitor the circumstances outside the centre. The aim is to create a network amongst the users and provide support to parents. The helps to build acceptance and overcome difficulties due to disability.

Focal Points

In 2016, they established 8 'focal' points located in different areas of Iringa to try to reach more children, even those who live in distant villages. The focal point is not a place where the child does therapy alone and then goes back home. It is a place where mothers take their children and stay there with them. They talk to the community workers, learn to do the exercises so they can repeat them at home and then they are able to share and compare with other mothers. This helps to overcome the prejudices towards the child's disability and encourages mothers to support each other at the same time as supporting the children. Our goal here is to laugh together and learn how to play together. Specialists also join these sessions to monitor the progress of the children. 

Home Visits

Call Africa also provide a home visit service for children that live too far away from any of the centres. The aim is to show parents/caregivers how to do rehabilitation exercises for their children with disabilities during an intensive week. This enables the caregiver to continue to do therapy at home. After the intensive week, parents come back once a month to the centre for one or two days for the check up and for adjustments to the exercises.

Contact Call Africa

E-mail: callafricango@gmail.com
Alessia - Country Representative
Phone: +255(0)621023629


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