Discover Neema Crafts

Neema Crafts is a centre in Iringa, Tanzania that provides training and employment opportunities for over 100 people with disabilities in the region.
It aims to change negative attitudes towards people with disabilities in the local society as disability is often stigmatised. The centre provides dignity and hope for many people who previously relied on street begging or were hidden away at home.

Discover what of our workshops and disabled artisans produce every day.

Find out where you can buy our hand-crafted products.

Get a taste for our award-winning cafe run by deaf employees.

Take a look at our comfortable and affordable accommodation.

We work with Call Africa to provide physiotherapy to disabled children.

Need a meeting place? Find out more about our multi-functional space.

Come and Visit Us

Opening Times
Mon - Sat
8.00am - 6.30pm

Workshop Tours
Mon - Fri
8.00am - 4.00pm

What visitors say about us

"The staff were all really friendly and the food in the cafe was delicious"

Eve, Trip Advisor

"Visiting the workshops is a truly uplifting and inspiring experience. I would recommend Neema Crafts to anyone."

Greg, Trip Advisor

"Lovely balcony looking over the Iringa hills...without doubt a must-visit in Iringa"

Naomi, Trip Advisor


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