Meet Susanna

I was born deaf and I am the only disabled person in my family. I am grateful that my parents sent me to primary school, which is very rare for a child with disabilities. However, unfortunately they decided not to send me to secondary school because it was expensive. They did not think it was worth paying for me as it was unlikely that I would ever be able to find good work.I also came to believe that I did not have much potential or hope for my life. I ended up getting pregnant at a young age, and the father of my child left me. After struggling through years as a single, unemployed mother, I heard about Neema Crafts in Iringa and that they employ disabled men and women to make handcrafted products. After finding a job at Neema Craft, my life has turned around. I can now provide for my son and pay his school fees, which I am happy about as it means he has more hope for the future. I also now know that I am capable and important, with much more potential than I had come to believe. I find joy daily in the company of my friends at Neema and cannot imagine life without them.


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