Meet Sophia

I remember realising as I child I was disabled, and this made me feel down, but I also knew that God cared for me whatever I looked like. I was born with a disability in my left leg but I always felt loved and cared for. People never saw me as someone different; I was just a usual normal child.

After I finished primary school I stayed at home for some time before setting up my own little business selling maandazi (donuts) and clothes that lasted for 14 years. I didn’t receive much of an income doing this and it was not until 2010 that life changed for me. I studied on the tailoring course at Neema Crafts and learnt many new skills. Then in 2012 I was asked to join the workshop. Life used to be really difficult, I was by myself and the business was small. However now I can spend the money I have, I love my job and I particularly like learning new skills and making different products each week. I am so thankful to God and to Neema for my work. Here I am with people, with my friends and my faith has supported me throughout everything I have done.


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