Meet Atilia

After the accident, life was really hard. The doctors decided to amputate my leg just above my knee, and I then spent 10 months in hospital recovering.  After I was discharged from hospital I had to travel 2km every morning to go to the market, carrying the vegetables on my head and walking with crutches. My children were too young to be able to help and my husband had died several years before. People laughed at me and did not help me at all. Then, I heard about Neema Crafts and came in to ask about work. I was given work to complete at home making bracelets before making necklaces in the workshop.

Several years ago, I started on the tailoring course, which I loved as I have been able to learn many new skills. I would love to start a tailoring business one day and now I have work at Neema Crafts. I know that people will be my customers and will not laugh at me any longer. Life had been OK before but now I know it is even better.

Life has changed for the better, my children are in school and I want them to continue in their education. I thank God, as he helped me in coming to Neema and getting a consistent salary for my home every month.