Meet Aaron

When I was a child I could hear perfectly, and I had a normal childhood. I completed primary school and then started working. In 1996 my mother sadly passed away, and around the same time I developed a problem with my ears. ‘Snow’ came out of them and slowly I began to find it difficult to hear. Eventually I realized that I could no longer hear music or people talking to me.

Communication became very difficult which affected my relationships. I lived with my brothers, and they got very frustrated with me as I often did not hear or understand. I struggled to find work because I was deaf, and people did not think someone like me could do a good job. Times were hard. I travelled around the streets and occasional found manual work in farms.

After several years, I heard about Neema Crafts and I was able to attend a 10 month tailoring course. Later, when an opportunity came up, I was offered a job in the tailoring department. I have learnt to make many things like the washbags, shoulder bags and purses. When I started working here my life changed a little because I had regular work and income. But when I got my new house, my life changed a lot! Before I moved into my new house, I was regularly disturbed by people drinking and fighting outside, and people pestering me for rent. Now I can live in peace. I have a plan to try and extend my house in the future.


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