Volunteering at Neema Crafts can be a truly a life-changing experience – it has been for us! Do contact us on: [email protected]

A Volunteer’s Testimony:

"My time volunteering in the office at Neema Crafts led to more experiences and life changing moments than I could ever have possibly wished for. It was an incredibly humbling experience. Every day I felt enormous gratitude at having been given the opportunity to come out and to apply the skills I had acquired over the years into a worthwhile project. The personal sense of achievement is enormous – the smiles on the faces of the deaf and disabled workers every morning makes such an emotional impact on me - each day I strive to give my very best and fulfill every potential so that the lives of those around me may improve.

It was the best decision I have ever made to come out here and I will be very sad to leave. But I will be leaving with a new sense of self and slightly altered perception on the world!"