Our Vision

We have a vision for the future of Neema Therapy. We would like to see the department become its own independent project, still under the Neema name, but with a wider and more effective reach. We hope to build a Neema rehabilitation centre that will include a medical practice, therapy rooms, offices and a ward where parents and their children can stay over night.

The reason for these changes is that many of our patients live in rural villages, far away from Iringa town and their parents rarely have money to spend on regular transport. Therefore visits for treatment can be few and far between and exercise routines are not followed as carefully as they need to be. Disabled children would be far better treated if they could remain at the centre with their parents for two to four weeks, during which time parents can receive much more information on helping their child, good exercise routines can be followed and rehabilitation can begin to take effect.

If you are interested in supporting this exciting new rehabilitation centre please do contact us via our dedicated physiotherapy email address (below) from which we can send you more information on this project. For more information please email [email protected]